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Rooms/space available to hire at the Ockment Centre
(click on individual pictures for information)



We have a variety of rooms to hire that vary in size to suit a whole range of requirements


Our meeting rooms are housed within the main building and range from large rooms suitable for meetings, seminars, smaller exercise classes, coffee mornings, art classes; down to small rooms ideal for temporary office space,

one-to-one meetings or counselling space


We have a large Hall with adjacent kitchen & conservatory which is ideal for bigger meetings/seminars, events, larger exercise classes & birthday parties


All rooms can be set-up to suit your requirements 

Free WiFi in all rooms 



(All exclusive of VAT)

Tea, coffee & biscuits

£8.20 for 10-12 people per serving

Plant based and gluten free options available on request


Tea, coffee & scones, jam & cream

£3.00 per person

Kettle, Urn, Cups & Saucers are available on request










Room Hire Prices

April 2023

All prices are per 3 hour sessions and exclusive of VAT 


Cosdon £30.24

60 Theatre

30 Cafe

26 Boardroom 

Dartmoor £30.24

40 Theatre

26 Cafe

30 Boardroom

Bellever £23.50

30 Theatre

20 Cafe 

16 Boardroom

Links £27.68

40 Theatre

20 Cafe

20 Boardroom

Kes £20.57

25 Theatre

16 Cafe

14 Boardroom

Haytor £27.68

40 Theatre

20 Cafe

20 Boardroom

Bracken £27.68

30 Theatre

16 Cafe

16 Boardroom

Hall £38.64

120 Theatre

80 Cafe 

50 Boardroom


Hound or Buttern

10 Theatre

8 Cafe

8 Boardroom

1 hour £7.50 (office hours only)

3 hours £13.44

Fox or Wolf

Suitable for one-to-one meetings

1 hour - £6.50 (office hours only)

3 hours - £11.23





Menu Options


All prices per head (minimum 8 people) and exclusive of VAT

Option 1    

Sandwiches with crisps, cake & fruit £5.75  

Option 2  

A selection of sandwiches with crisps and warm options eg quiche, pasties, spring rolls etc with cakes or fruit



Option 3

Buffet lunch eg homemade quiches, mini roast potatoes, cold meats, a selection of warm and cold salad dishes, cheese board with cakes and fruit


For bookings less than 10 people

A Panini option can be provided


Dietary requirements will be catered for if booked in advance 

Lunches are 50% vegetarian




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