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Where Have All The Shrubs Gone?...

As many of you have noticed there has been a drastic change to the front of the Ockment Centre with the removal of the shrubbery. There were lots of reasons for this being done:

* To prevent them damaging the building with their root and to get clear of the Ivy growing up the building

* To be better able to access the building for maintenance work and reach the windows for cleaning whereas before it was so over grown we weren't able to access windows for cleaning

* To let more natural light in through office windows

* To prevent people from throwing their rubbish and dog mess bags in the shrubbery, an unbelievable 6 bags of rubbish were retrieved on the clearance day!!)

* To prevent complaints about the shrubs over-hanging onto the pavement

Our aim is to replace it with something more manageable and low level for the future. We would like to say a HUGE thank you to the STOCS group for their voluntary time on the day and the fantastic amount of work they got through. What a brilliant job thy did.

We understand there are some people who were upset to see these mature shrubs gone but we will be doing something else to make it look more attractive at the front.

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