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Ockment Computer Suite

The Ockment team have been very busy the past few weeks making a change in the old computer suite - we hope to utilise this space to its full potential - this is a huge space and was wasted this day and age with using it as solely an internet cafe or computer suite, due to technology being more advanced now there is no longer any real need for static internet use; we will still have a few computers for our own Work Club and for the Learn Devon computing course and we will also provide laptops for this too.

Both the Work Club and Computer Courses are still running whilst these works are being undertaken just in another room.

Renovations on this room is well under way and people are saying it is a huge improvement already and we're only just started really so keep your eyes peeled on this page to see our transformation...

Photos below show the difference between what it was to what it is like now (and also a few sneaky snaps of the staff in their best decorating mode)

Over the Bank Holiday weekend we saw the start of the new kitchen being fitted...

And the old one demolished...

image1 (3).JPG
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